Back to the short SRS cards.

For a while, I tried doing longer SRS (spaces repetition system cards) and it’s really put me off from doing my reviews. You may have heard of them under names such as “massive context cards” or “massive context with clozed deletions,” etc. With these longer cards, the failure rate is higher and the boredom rate is even higher than that. It almost feels like reading the same boring book over and over again. In fact, it’s not almost, it feels exactly like that.

Because of this, I’ve gone back to what has kept me interested in doing my reviews for 2 years now… short cards.

Short cards are great because they can be read in just a few seconds and you get reexposed to the word you were targeting. It’s quick and painless and you can work through 50 reviews in a short amount of time. After that, get your input from extensive reading, vids, etc.  SRS is just meant to be a stoploss or a way to efficiently learn rarer words. You need to broadly explore the language in order to become more natural in it.

The long cards though… they are just a disaster. I don’t even want to review them. When I see them, I just glare at the screen.

In summary, don’t follow the latest trends in language learning, just goes with what keeps you processing your new language as painlessly as possible.