In our corner of the language learning community, a large focus on grammar study is something to be discouraged. However, after a certain point, grammar study can help you reach a new level in comprehension. It can fill in the
blanks in some of the books you’ve been reading. It can help you understand the subtle nuances in text you’ve missed before. Lastly, it will add a new level of sophistication to your foreign language.

Grammar study is something you can appreciate with time. After you’ve built up a sizeable foundation in your language of choice, if you so desire, you can then refine your knowledge with a little casual grammar study.

Don’t take grammar study seriously. Flip through a grammar book and pick a part at random and read the example sentences. Then if you’re bored, close it and move on to something else. Don’t sit down and do textbook drills unless that’s something you really enjoy.

I recommend learning grammar from grammar books made for native speakers of that language. I’ve been flipping through 日本語文型辞典 for Japanese lately and have been learning a  lot and have already seen these grammar instances come up in manga. I knew the gist of what it was saying before, but with the example sentences in the grammar dictionary clearly laying out what context certain parts of speech are used in, it gives that nuance that is just really satisfying the a language lover.