I’ve noticed a lot of people stress out about their SRS reviews. A lot of them are going through hundreds of cards each day and stressing out. I propose that people worry less about reviewing and more about moving forward.

The thought is simple:
If you never see a word, you have absolutely ZERO chance of learning it.
If you see a word once, your chance of learning the word has increased infinitely.

Of course some review is necessary but I think reviewing time should take up a lot less of your language learning time in a
day than you might think. What I like to do is add a lot of cards to my SRS, but only allow them to be added to my deck at a rate at about 7 cards a day. Also, it’s crucial to change the setting to “add new cards randomly.” This ensures a good sampling of what’s added to your deck and not an “in order” card addition from things you added several days or a week ago.

Give your brain a chance to encounter as many new words as possible during a study session. This is especially true when you are starting a language in a brand new language family where you can’t rely on cognates too much.I would much rather have some vague familiarity with 1000 words than to know 100 words extremely well. At the starting
stages, it’s much more important to have a broad passive understanding than a sharp understanding in a narrow range.

Since you’ve planted those seeds in your brain from seeing so many words, you’ll have a chance to grow those memories stronger and stronger when you see the words in the wild or when you’re doing your reviews.