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Lately, I’ve decided to increase my knowledge of polish by going on a vocabulary binge. Since, my vocabulary is currently so small in the Polish language, I really have a hard time parsing my way through random sentences and posts on twitter.

To do this, I’m going to try relying heavily on mneumonics at first to get the words initially stuck in my head. Then perhaps review in an SRS or by a different method. I haven’t decided yet.

I just started writing in my notebook Polish words with their meanings beside them. Under that, I try to make up some sort of mneumonic that will help me remember the word.

For instance, “zmora” means nightmare in Polish. So I wrote beside it “I had a nightmare about a vicious Moray eel.” With “Mor” of “Moray” underlined to stress the point of the sentence.

I think it’s also important to review your mnemonics themselves so the stories stick better and you form stronger memory connections.

For a test run I’m going to try a test run of 100 words and see how it goes.


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